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Sometimes I don't need a paid client job to create my next campaign – because the planet I live on knocks at my door and asks me for help. So did »Mother Earth«. One fine day she knocked at my conscience, run-down and hopeless. After a friendly chat and her short deep briefing I immediately started a day & night »me, myself & I« brainstorming. Naturally for free because she already overpaid me with millions of unforgettable moments in nature and with adorable people from all over her habitat.

So one »with early singing birds outside I don't need an alarm clock« morning – campaign idea #8 arrived. First in my intuition, then in my belly who immediately nodded with an accepting smile of his one-pack-muscle – to finally climb through my globally warmed body up to my brain. The simple #8 clou: Instead of throwing away less plastic we can go on throwing things away by "only" throwing away our "plastic habits". Check. I searched for the right pictures, let all parts flow together – mission complete!

THROW AWAY YOUR PLASTIC HABITS - Ad #1 | Photo: Daniel Chekalov

THROW AWAY YOUR PLASTIC HABITS - Ad #2 | Photo: Cristian Palmer

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