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Volker Neumann Namensfinder & Creative Director

For any question about a name development you can just call me directly on +49 172 41 41 550.

Aloha, Volker Neumann

We develop & find



Each Name Suggestion with Brand- and multiple Existence-Checks

All Names with available Domains

If desired with Name Consulting & Presentations on your Premises

Welcome. We are experienced name developers and advertising professionals based near Hamburg, Germany. Top product, brand, firm and startup names should be catchy and ”wow“. Such new first-class names with that certain something we develop professionally & passionately. Classic, associative or cool – all styles are possible!


Our happy clients are companies, brands as well as ambitious startups and founders. Each new name comes with an available or purchasable web domain and multiple existence & brand checks! For your unbinding request please send us an e-mail – or just call us on our mobile phone: +49 172 41 41 550. We are curious about your aims and wishes!


Are you visiting our site from outside Germany? We guarantee you realiable work as well as highly creative name ideas in the same way we provide it to our German clients. It’s our goal to satisfy your expectations, too! The rest of our site is written in German. Please feel free to discover other work expamples such as claims, headlines & campaigns – please start here.

Aloha & best regards,

Volker Neumann (CEO)



Startup founder Jovan Ivanowski needed a top brand & firm name for his new storage startup. His briefing: modern, short, catchy. Said and done. Please read his sponatenous feedback to my name suggestions at the bottom of this site.

complete brand design
modern web & mobile site
Bitquarter Logo


I developed this new brand & company name for an IT startup company in Frankfurt, Germany. The client liked it so much that he ordered a website & mobile website as well as his business papers designs.



New name for a company specialized on the development of »new organisation and collaboration strategies« – based in Hamburg/Germany.

FEETALITY Running Shoe Insoles

The German running shoe brand LUNGE.COM asked me to develop a cool name for their innovative insoles. Company CEO Ulf Lunge loved the cool wordplay "Feetality" at first sight!




Development of a new company name for a German ’design & annual report agency'. Meanwhile they merged again and chose another name.



My job: Renaming a German tech-company for its expansion to international markets.




Name development for an online photo magazine.




New firm name & logo for the Hamburg based ship designer & dipl. engineer Knud Bassin.




Creative company name for a 'business idea company' which also detects new gaps in the market.




New company name for a 'newcomer band' startup which meanwhile is offline again.




Name development for the eBook-format of Doccheck.




Modern division names for the 4 abc-packmedia main service departments: consulting, refinement, color mmanagement and printing block production.




Development of a significant firm name for a Swiss investment company.




Umbrella brand for the cooperation of three big nursing services in Hamburg. Could be translated as »Care Captains«. Including a nice logo and website »


Positive feedback from the BOXANDO CEO

(English translation)


Hi Volker,

super, thanks a lot for your cool names, they are really freaky. There's something in it that fits! You didn't promise too much :-)

Thanks & kind regards,